“Barrie has helped me gain clarity in my decision making processes by helping me see the big picture and determine what is really important. She has helped me to clearly and systematically think through challenges and issues in order to make better management decisions that are long term oriented vs. short term “quick fix” in nature. Barrie’s advice and direction have helped me to become a more effective manager and strategic thinker.”

Clayton Moss, Area VP – Corporate Accounts, Olympus America Inc.


“Even coaches need coaches. It can be difficult to identify when you are becoming maxed out and as a coach we tend to think we have the tools to handle it. However it isn’t the tools alone, rather how and when to use the tools. Being maxed out is a gradual process and we aren’t always aware of its impact.

Barrie has been instrumental in helping me navigate through a series of challenging events that occurred in the same time frame. She helped me to be focused and gave me the tools to recognize, prioritize and move through them without affecting my personal relationships. Many coaches can give you guidance on reaching success, but few are able to help you manage success!”

If you are successful and find that your success takes a toll on other areas in your life and health, Barrie MUST be on your professional team!  Judi Snyder CeFT™ Financial Transitionist® ★Entrepreneur Reinvention


“Before working with Barrie, I found myself juggling the multiple stresses of running two businesses simultaneously while also keeping in-check the additional stresses of living a balanced lifestyle at home. Stress that manifests itself in having identified too much to do — with little priority in executing it which lead to stagnation.

While working with Barrie, I notice that I was able to consistently press through challenges with positive results that either always surprise me or exceed expectations.

She allowed me to see things clearly from various perspectives in contextual hierarchies of importance.”

Chris Magdelain, Principal & Creative Director, Magdesign


“I struggled with my transition from being a stylist behind the chair to Managing a high profiting Corporate Salon. Having to manage multi-cultural staff with different work ethics, and trying to balance my own personal clientele along with Management made things very stressful.  The stress and anxiety brought problems into my personal life.

The results are amazing! I’m able to manage my staff more effectively and create a more positive way of approaching situations. I’m able to see my Corporate goals more clearly and have learned to balance both work-loads and my personal life.

Barrie is very professional, easy to talk to, and very knowledgeable! I can see the passion she has in this field and the passion she has for helping others succeed!”

Alicia, Master Stylist, Manager, Corporate Hair Salon


“Leading an academic division requires getting many very talented people with different research interests and different career goals working cohesively towards the same objectives. Through a series of conversations, Barrie helped me focus on my own strengths and weaknesses to think logically and strategically about my leadership role and performance, and how I could maximize the success of the team. She provided an exceptional perspective that helped me become a better leader.”

Chris Forsmark, MD,  Chief, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition University of Florida


“I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize Barrie on her exemplary coaching skills and experience. I have utilized her leadership and mentoring to improve both business process and my own personal initiatives.  She has assisted me in the areas of business goals, strategy and direction as well as organizational structure.  I still use her periodically to ensure the consulting work we have done stays current and continues to provide value and ROI.”

Business Owner-Five Acre Farm